rcwUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
toy-cpu-assemblerUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.3 years
initscriptsCustom-rolled initscripts for Arch LinuxDavid Phillips5 years
sand-leekExperimental CPU-bound (soon GPU) vanity onion address generatorDavid Phillips2 years
brightnessddaemon to smoothly change backlight brightnessDavid Phillips6 years
dotfilesPublic dotfilesDavid Phillips10 months
bsmx2btsqliteQuick and dirty tool to import BeerSmith ingredient selections/plugins into Brew...David Phillips4 years
archlinux-openrcSmall collection of PKGBUILDs that I used for openrc on ArchDavid Phillips5 years
markov-thingPoC work for a markov chain plugin for the idalius IRC botDavid Phillips3 years
casio-9850Utilities to interact with Casio's 9850 series of scientific calculators David Phillips3 years
clock-dispApplication to run a digital wall clock on a GPS-synced Raspberry Pi 3David Phillips4 years
altimeterAVR code for an in-progress pressure altimeterDavid Phillips21 months
repetier-configConfiguration for my current printer running Repetier firmwareDavid Phillips3 years
led-driver450 mA, 17 W LED Driver based around the LM3409(HV) David Phillips3 years
sudokuA naïve solver for sudoku puzzlesDavid Phillips4 years
meta-de10-nanoFork of Intel's OE layer for the DE10 Nano SoCFPGA boardDavid Phillips3 years
petrichorTidy theme for LightDM's webkit2 greeter David Phillips6 years
tetrisMostly compliant implementation of Tetris using SDLDavid Phillips3 years
unity-test-runnerAn auto-discovering, aggregating test runner for the unity unit testing libraryDavid Phillips21 months
colorlight-5a-75e-blinkyObligatory blinky for the Colorlight 5A-75EDavid Phillips
idaliusExtensible IRC bot born out of 🎺🎷🎺 emoji David Phillips3 years
cds9kLinux kernel driver for the CDS9K FPGA/CPLD (demo purposes)David Phillips18 months
interesting-sortsSmall collection of sorting algorithms I found intriguingDavid Phillips6 years
henceToy language for building digital circuits from atomic logical operationsDavid Phillips4 years
ThirdPartyInstallersFork of Phillips3 years
toast(old shelved project) Beginnings of a protected mode toy kernelDavid Phillips9 years
vim-clutch-improved-arduinoMicrocontroller firmware for an improved vimclutchDavid Phillips2 years
cue-bin-splitSplits a raw binary PCM stream into individual tracks based on times extracted f...David Phillips5 years
led-lampLuminaire built around Cree Xlamp CXA and my 450 mA LED driverDavid Phillips3 years
pi-zero-jtagMisc bits and bobs I whipped up when JTAG debugging a Raspberry Pi ZeroDavid Phillips3 years
svgcaptcha-parserSimple tool to demonstrate parsing of idiotic SVG captchasDavid Phillips7 years
idalius-dockerDockerfile for running the idalius IRC botDavid Phillips3 years
odds-and-endsOdds and ends, things that aren't large enough to have their own repo David Phillips5 years
fractal-genTool for generating mandelbrot and burning ship data David Phillips5 years
aur-packagesCollection of git submodules for AUR packages I maintain/co-maintainDavid Phillips2 years
openannepro-dockerDockerfile for building OpenAnnePro firmwareDavid Phillips2 years
fractal-gen-openclWIP port of my simple fractal-gen software to OpenCL David Phillips5 years
paramanoA light battery monitor and a CPU frequency scalerDavid Phillips23 months
alarmdTool to monitor state transition of client-reported fault conditionsDavid Phillips4 years
jaspos(old shelved project) Beginnings of a kernel written entirely in x86 AssemblyDavid Phillips8 years
pgm-interlaceTool for interlacing PGM frames from fractal-gen work clusters David Phillips5 years
pkg-introspectTool(s) to fetch information of/from/about built pacman packagesDavid Phillips4 years