BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDraft support for Arch Linux/pacman packagesDavid Phillips4 years
pacmanDraft support for Arch Linux/pacman packagesDavid Phillips4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-07Draft support for Arch Linux/pacman packagesHEADpacmanmasterDavid Phillips
2018-07-04Only search for symbols if neededLucas C. Villa Real
2018-07-04Prune empty top-level directories and symlinksLucas C. Villa Real
2018-07-04Only print the list of filenames when --debug is givenLucas C. Villa Real
2018-07-04As a fallback, include symbols when searching by path/filename on rpmfind.netLucas C. Villa Real
2018-07-04Do not fail if the infopage could not be parsed.Lucas C. Villa Real
2018-07-04Catch errors while retrieving data from remote URLsLucas C. Villa Real
2018-07-04The URL is guaranteed to be the last token.Lucas C. Villa Real
2018-07-04Fallback to NamingConventions if GuessProgramCase does not find a goodLucas C. Villa Real
2018-07-04Pick the most recent version if more than one package matches theLucas C. Villa Real