ThirdPartyInstallersFork of Phillips10 months
alarmdTool to monitor state transition of client-reported fault conditionsDavid Phillips8 months
archlinux-openrcSmall collection of PKGBUILDs that I used for openrc on ArchDavid Phillips19 months
brightnessddaemon to smoothly change backlight brightnessDavid Phillips3 years
bsmx2btsqliteQuick and dirty tool to import BeerSmith ingredient selections/plugins into Brew...David Phillips5 months
casio-9850Utilities to interact with Casio's 9850 series of scientific calculators David Phillips3 years
clock-dispApplication to run a digital wall clock on a GPS-synced Raspberry Pi 3David Phillips7 weeks
cue-bin-splitSplits a raw binary PCM stream into individual tracks based on times extracted f...David Phillips19 months
dotfilesPublic dotfilesDavid Phillips3 weeks
fractal-genTool for generating mandelbrot and burning ship data David Phillips20 months
fractal-gen-openclWIP port of my simple fractal-gen software to OpenCL David Phillips19 months
henceToy language for building digital circuits from atomic logical operationsDavid Phillips8 months
idaliusExtensible IRC bot born out of 🎺🎷🎺 emoji David Phillips8 weeks
initscriptsCustom-rolled initscripts for Arch LinuxDavid Phillips18 months
interesting-sortsSmall collection of sorting algorithms I found intriguingDavid Phillips2 years
jaspos(old shelved project) Beginnings of a kernel written entirely in x86 AssemblyDavid Phillips5 years
led-driver450 mA, 17 W LED Driver based around the LM3409(HV) David Phillips19 months
odds-and-endsOdds and ends, things that aren't large enough to have their own repo David Phillips19 months
paramanoA light battery monitor and a CPU frequency scalerDavid Phillips7 weeks
petrichorTidy theme for LightDM's webkit2 greeter David Phillips23 months
pgm-interlaceTool for interlacing PGM frames from fractal-gen work clusters David Phillips15 months
pkg-introspectTool(s) to fetch information of/from/about built pacman packagesDavid Phillips9 months
sand-leekExperimental CPU-bound (soon GPU) vanity onion address generatorDavid Phillips6 weeks
sudokuA naïve solver for sudoku puzzlesDavid Phillips5 weeks
svgcaptcha-parserSimple tool to demonstrate parsing of idiotic SVG captchasDavid Phillips3 years
tetrisMostly compliant implementation of Tetris using SDLDavid Phillips3 weeks
toast(old shelved project) Beginnings of a protected mode toy kernelDavid Phillips5 years