BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterPrefer ,##__VA_ARGS over __VA_OPT__(.)David Phillips23 months
0.72paramano-0.72.tar.xz  David Phillips23 months
0.71paramano-0.71.tar.xz  David Phillips6 years
0.7paramano-0.7.tar.xz  David Phillips7 years
0.6.1paramano-0.6.1.tar.xz  David8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-04Prefer ,##__VA_ARGS over __VA_OPT__(.)HEAD0.72masterDavid Phillips
2020-12-13Avoid duplicate definition of global default variablesfooxax
2019-10-09Add missing harfbuzz include dir to search path.David Phillips
2019-03-03Re-add debug macro, short circuit icon logicDavid Phillips
2018-06-20Update copyright dateDavid Phillips
2018-06-20More clearly attribute Devin and Shae SmittleDavid Phillips
2018-06-20Fix menu/menu_shell confusionDavid Phillips
2018-06-20Port to Gtk3David Phillips
2018-06-06Experimentally reduce bat refresh to 10 secondsDavid Phillips
2018-06-06Only update battery icon on changeDavid Phillips