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masterAllow comments in xfails, fail make on test failureDavid Phillips4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-16Allow comments in xfails, fail make on test failureHEADmasterDavid Phillips
2019-03-16Add new easy test casesDavid Phillips
2019-03-16Don't be strict about solutionsDavid Phillips
2019-03-16Tally test results, add new testsDavid Phillips
2019-03-16Add simple solver testing frameworkDavid Phillips
2019-03-16Add file loadingDavid Phillips
2019-03-16Remove old bug, correct typoDavid Phillips
2019-03-11Replace cumbersome arrays with bitmasksDavid Phillips
2019-03-10Correct box (3x3) terminologyDavid Phillips
2019-03-10Implement board solving checkDavid Phillips