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masterCheck for error on fifo open failure, remove stale commentDavid Phillips6 years
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2016-07-27Check for error on fifo open failure, remove stale commentHEADmasterDavid Phillips
2016-07-20Add basic makefileDavid Phillips
2016-07-20Fix style of braces and switch/caseDavid Phillips
2016-07-19Major restructuring and tidyingDavid Phillips
2016-07-19Add gitignoreDavid Phillips
2016-07-18Drop privileges down to nobody, general fix-ups.David Phillips
2016-07-17Comment style changeDavid Phillips
2016-07-16Add call to chmod backDavid Phillips
2016-07-15Fix missing parameter on get_nowDavid Phillips
2016-07-15Simple readmeDavid Phillips