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masterRemove unneeded check for \rDavid Phillips4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-17Remove unneeded check for \rHEADmasterDavid Phillips
2018-08-06test: Exit falsey if any one language test failedDavid Phillips
2018-08-06Add simple foreign symbol testsDavid Phillips
2018-08-06Add TOK_BEGINDavid Phillips
2018-08-06Add failing test for lex-only errorDavid Phillips
2018-08-06lex: add filename to errorDavid Phillips
2018-08-06Rename empty tests to 2-digit conventionDavid Phillips
2018-08-06Add lexer support for comment linesDavid Phillips
2018-08-06Strip out old gates codeDavid Phillips
2018-08-06Factor token definitions outDavid Phillips