BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developMerge branch 'develop'David Phillips6 years
masterMerge branch 'develop'David Phillips6 years
2.0petrichor-2.0.tar.xz  David Phillips6 years
1.1petrichor-1.1.tar.xz  David Phillips6 years
1.0petrichor-1.0.tar.xz  David Phillips7 years
0-betapetrichor-0-beta.tar.xz  David Phillips7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-05-18Merge branch 'develop'HEADmasterdevelopDavid Phillips
2017-05-12Adjust style of setTimeout callsDavid Phillips
2017-05-11Version bump2.0David Phillips
2017-05-11Throw out old crusty code that used document.writeDavid Phillips
2017-05-11Poll for the presence of `lightdm` variableDavid Phillips
2017-05-11Add missing semicolonDavid Phillips
2017-01-15Add null check for user.imageDavid Phillips
2016-11-03Merge branch 'develop'1.1David Phillips
2016-11-03Increase size of time+dateDavid Phillips
2016-11-03Add slight text shadow on timeDavid Phillips