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2021-03-13Add ui_remote to README.mdHEADmasterDavid Phillips
2021-03-13ui_remote: explicitly exit GDB on script exitDavid Phillips
2021-03-13ui_remote: make event sending asyncDavid Phillips
2021-03-13Remove unneeded `pass`es from Python scriptDavid Phillips
2021-03-13First cut of UI state machineDavid Phillips
2021-02-27Re-add basic display-only logicDavid Phillips
2021-02-27Make `make size` depend on the ELF it measuresDavid Phillips
2021-02-27Move debug macros to dedicated headerDavid Phillips
2021-02-27Remove empty fileDavid Phillips
2021-02-27Reintroduce accidentally-removed unit testDavid Phillips