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masterFix up symbolsDavid Phillips4 years
v1.1led-driver-1.1.tar.xz  David Phillips4 years
v1led-driver-1.tar.xz  David Phillips4 years
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2020-01-02Fix up symbolsHEADv1.1masterDavid Phillips
2020-01-02Bump to Version 1.1David Phillips
2020-01-02Increase UVLO turn-on to 43 VDavid Phillips
2019-05-31Readme: Typo, titleDavid Phillips
2019-05-31Add version history to readmeDavid Phillips
2019-05-31Add PWR_FLAGs to power inputDavid Phillips
2019-05-31Reduce clearances, margin on MSOP footprintDavid Phillips
2019-05-31Rescue symbols, minor revisions to PCBv1David Phillips
2017-09-10Add generated XML to gitignoreDavid Phillips
2017-09-10Add READMEDavid Phillips