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masterChange colours to gruvbox themeDavid Phillips5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-10Change colours to gruvbox themeHEADmasterDavid Phillips
2019-04-10Implement game overDavid Phillips
2019-04-03Add lines counter/scoringDavid Phillips
2019-02-27Add speed drop mode, pause modeDavid Phillips
2017-12-22Change window title from defaultDavid Phillips
2017-12-22Remove Werror, add pedantic to CFLAGSDavid Phillips
2017-12-22POSIX-ify makefileDavid Phillips
2017-12-22Add missing default case, correct type of colour valuesDavid Phillips
2017-01-28Last adjustments: petty whitespace fixesDavid Phillips
2017-01-28More misc tidyingDavid Phillips