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* Re-add debug macro, short circuit icon logicDavid Phillips2019-03-03
* Fix menu/menu_shell confusionDavid Phillips2018-06-20
* Port to Gtk3David Phillips2018-06-20
* Move license to central file, add acknowledgement to trayfreqDavid Phillips2016-08-25
* Don't change governor unless required0.7David Phillips2015-11-20
* Misc style alignmentDavid Phillips2015-11-09
* Changed header include policy to increase build timeDavid Phillips2015-09-09
* Conforming to style, switching paramano-set to getopt (finally)David Phillips2015-09-01
* Various buffer overflow fixesDavid Phillips2015-09-01
* Replace asprintf calls with snprintfDavid Phillips2015-09-01
* Removed old debug swarfDavid Phillips2015-09-01
* Made tooltip texts cached, fixes GitHub issue #4David Phillips2015-08-29
* Slight debug info changeDavid2014-09-29
* Fixy fixyDavid2014-09-28
* Code tidyDavid2014-09-28
* Naughty Phillid, underscore-prefixed variable names are bad!David2014-09-27
* Fixed bug affecting CPUs with multiple coresDavid2014-09-27
* Capitalisation fix in licenceDavid2014-09-27
* Changed program name in licenseDavid2014-09-18
* Renamed icon filesDavid2014-09-18
* Started renameDavid2014-09-18
* Moved from sprintf to asprintfDavid2014-07-25
* Clean-upsDavid2014-06-05