Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* bashrc: Don't print anything unless interactiveHEADmasterDavid Phillips2022-02-02
* Add 谢谢 to composeDavid Phillips2022-02-02
* vimrc: wrap git commits correctlyDavid Phillips2022-02-02
* Replace `where` with bash-compatible `hash`David Phillips2022-02-02
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into masterDavid Phillips2020-09-27
| * vim: map jj and jk to ESCDavid Phillips2020-01-05
| * General cleanupDavid Phillips2020-01-05
* | Hack in vimclutch functionalityDavid Phillips2020-09-27
* | Tidy up dwm barDavid Phillips2020-09-20
* | Misc updatesDavid Phillips2020-09-20
* Merge branch 'master' of Phillips2019-10-14
| * vimrc: Add hlsearch, adjust diff coloursDavid Phillips2019-10-14
| * xcompose: Add dongerDavid Phillips2019-05-15
| * misc vimrc, title bar updatesDavid Phillips2019-03-31
| * vimrc: Better disable foldsDavid Phillips2019-03-30
| * vimrc: Add folding, reduce contrast of listcharsDavid Phillips2019-03-30
* | zshrc: Make zsh-specific aliases optionalDavid Phillips2019-03-31
* | vimrc: Better disable foldsDavid Phillips2019-03-31
* | vimrc: Add folding, reduce contrast of listcharsDavid Phillips2019-03-31
* aliases: Suppress error output from grep testDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Make date usage POSIXDavid Phillips2019-03-09
* Remove TERM-settingDavid Phillips2019-03-09
* environment: add ❤ compilerDavid Phillips2019-03-03
* Remove gitconfigDavid Phillips2019-03-03
* environment: Add sbase to PATHDavid Phillips2019-03-03
* aliases: Clean up aliases fileDavid Phillips2019-03-03
* XCompose: Add half-finished Russian charactersDavid Phillips2019-03-03
* XCompose: Add some more useful emojiDavid Phillips2019-03-03
* Remove grab-spotDavid Phillips2018-06-20
* zsh: nohup is goodDavid Phillips2018-06-20
* Add fire emojiDavid Phillips2018-05-06
* Add simple spelling helper wrapper scriptDavid Phillips2017-12-10
* Increase history on shellDavid Phillips2017-12-10
* Don't default to GNU extensions on lsDavid Phillips2017-12-10
* Use spaces in literate haskell filesDavid Phillips2017-12-10
* Fix clang/clang++ errorDavid Phillips2017-12-10
* Change WORDCHARSDavid Phillips2017-08-31
* compose: Add hearts-for-eyes emojiDavid Phillips2017-08-09
* vim: Expand tabs in Haskell codeDavid Phillips2017-08-09
* Add UNIX epoch countdown scriptDavid Phillips2017-07-14
* Change currency APIDavid Phillips2017-05-31
* Add cursive transforming scriptDavid Phillips2017-05-23
* Forgot one wee symbolDavid Phillips2017-05-21
* Add some logic symbolsDavid Phillips2017-05-21
* Add another symbol to XComposeDavid Phillips2017-05-15
* Add that meme B to xcomposeDavid Phillips2017-05-13
* Fix C+arrow keys in insert mode in vimDavid Phillips2017-05-05
* Fix currency output path in grab-spotDavid Phillips2017-04-30
* Don't tell when no currency cache directoryDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Don't keep building currency string each iterationDavid Phillips2017-04-20