Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Add shebang and doc to grab-spotDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Remove old unused wrapperDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Delete old yardle-cache-analyseDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Add UPS capability and XAU to dwm barDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* disable-fullscreen-lock: use key that doesn't interfere with gamesDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Add XAU to bash welcomeDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Make bashrc use same aliases and env as zshrcDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* grab-spot: download if non-existant tooDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Fix cc stuffDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Add missing filesDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Add zshrcDavid Phillips2017-04-20
* Change grab-spot from 3 hours to 1 hourDavid Phillips2017-03-06
* Report error on grab spotDavid Phillips2017-03-06
* Only download if old priceDavid Phillips2017-03-06
* Tidy dwm bar when missing elements, fix batteryDavid Phillips2017-03-05
* Add doggo to xcomposeDavid Phillips2017-03-05
* Fix indentation on battery status line, add XAG spot to dwm statusDavid Phillips2017-03-05
* Add XAG spot price to bashrc greetingDavid Phillips2017-03-05
* Add currency spot price utilDavid Phillips2017-03-05
* Needs more saxDavid Phillips2017-03-05
* Fix XCompose binding collisionDavid Phillips2017-02-15
* Update xcomposeDavid Phillips2017-02-11
* Add lock disabler for youtube vidsDavid Phillips2017-01-22
* Add www scriptDavid Phillips2017-01-13
* Don't clobber xclipDavid Phillips2017-01-01
* mplayer to mpvDavid Phillips2017-01-01
* Add more charsDavid Phillips2017-01-01
* Merge branch 'master' of hermes:/srv/git/david/dotfilesDavid Phillips2016-12-21
| * Add push oldDavid Phillips2016-12-19
* | Add XComposeDavid Phillips2016-11-29
* Inline bash_coloursDavid Phillips2016-11-17
* Fix local/bin linkDavid Phillips2016-10-07
* Fix setup script pathsDavid Phillips2016-11-09
* Change email in gitconfigDavid Phillips2016-11-09
* Add calculator convenience function to bashrcDavid Phillips2016-11-09
* Add local/bin filesDavid Phillips2016-10-26
* Re-enable TERM swap, it is neededDavid Phillips2016-10-17
* Line numbers in vim - got used to themDavid Phillips2016-10-16
* cd is pushd wrapperDavid Phillips2016-10-16
* Disable dvtm->rxvt TERM fudgingDavid Phillips2016-10-16
* Add explicit bindings for Ctrl+left and Ctrl+rightDavid Phillips2016-09-08
* umask ftw, add st smkx backDavid Phillips2016-09-08
* Allow no maildir directoryDavid Phillips2016-09-03
* Add check for new mail in ~/Maildir, tidy blank to do listDavid Phillips2016-09-03
* Add git configDavid Phillips2016-09-02
* Merge branch 'master' of hermes:/srv/git/david/dotfilesDavid Phillips2016-09-02
| * Add bash_profileDavid2016-09-02
* | Merge branch 'master' of hermes:/srv/git/david/dotfilesDavid Phillips2016-09-02
|\ \ | |/
| * Prefer clang over gcc, fall back on tcc if no gccDavid2016-09-02
* | history size and format, more aliasDavid Phillips2016-09-02