Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Remove ssse3 algorithm, tighten decoderDavid Phillips2017-05-28
* Remove SSSE3 noteDavid Phillips2017-05-28
* Add naive base32 decoder in preparation for new algoDavid Phillips2017-05-28
* Add bench for i7-4770David Phillips2017-05-25
* Update readme with new benchmarksDavid Phillips2017-05-23
* Merge branch 'ssse3-default'David Phillips2017-05-23
| * Make SSSE3 algorithm the defaultDavid Phillips2017-05-23
* | Fix bug in check_base32 when first character was invalidDavid Phillips2017-05-23
* Remove old debug printfDavid Phillips2017-05-21
* Add sanity check to back up SSSE3 algorithmDavid Phillips2017-05-21
* More avx->ssse3David Phillips2017-05-21
* AVX->SSSE3David Phillips2017-05-21
* Add version option -VDavid Phillips2017-05-15
* Better sizeofsDavid Phillips2017-05-14
* Add rough current hashrate to status lineDavid Phillips2017-05-14
* Add experimental AVX base32 algo, modularise base32 outDavid Phillips2017-05-14
* Name khash array more appropriatelyDavid Phillips2017-05-05
* Refactor monitor loop to own functionDavid Phillips2017-05-05
* Bail on error updating d in keyDavid Phillips2017-05-01
* Correct type a few declarationsDavid Phillips2017-05-01
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'alyptik/memleek'David Phillips2017-04-30
| * Fix memory leaks with BN/pthread_t pointersalyptik2017-04-29
* | More warnings in CFLAGSDavid Phillips2017-04-30
* Improve error checking in key_update_dDavid Phillips2017-04-30
* Correct CFLAGSDavid Phillips2017-04-30
* Improve output formatDavid Phillips2017-04-30
* Add simple usage note to readmeDavid Phillips2017-04-30
* Relocate variable declaration to top of mainDavid Phillips2017-04-30
* Add sanity check to search stringDavid Phillips2017-04-30
* Use more safe/sane CFLAGSDavid Phillips2017-04-30
* Reflect sanity check in readmeDavid Phillips2017-04-28
* Add missing headerDavid Phillips2017-04-28
* Update d appropriately, check sanity of keysDavid Phillips2017-04-28
* Add initial RSA sanity checkingDavid Phillips2017-04-28
* Update benchesDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Correct type of optDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Change uint64_t back to unsigned longDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Tip our hat to other projectsDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Silence warning about providing unsigned char (*)[20] where unsigned char* ex...David Phillips2017-04-27
* Better terminate threads, better var namingDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Correct command line argument checkingDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Correct openssl_version_number macroDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Add compat for openssl < 1.1David Phillips2017-04-27
* Fix table formattingDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Add gitignoreDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Add some benches and misc to readmeDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Correct capitalisation on kHDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Fix usage of wrong der data pointerDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Put correct exponent value into eported keyDavid Phillips2017-04-27
* Add licence fileDavid Phillips2017-04-27