Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Switch mapfile for explicit loopHEADmasterDavid Phillips2020-09-05
* Update GitLab pipelineDavid Phillips2020-09-05
* Adjust tests to pass shellcheckDavid Phillips2020-09-05
* Handle multiple returned domains in 002-test-key-name.testDavid Phillips2020-09-05
* Move comments to headers where applicableDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Add --needed to pacman callsDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Re-add Arch Linux runner on GitLab CIDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Remove dead Arch Linux from gitlab CIDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Amend test cases, use -ADavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Display usage on invalid optDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Improve help textDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Honour original terminal colourDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Update bench tableDavid Phillips2018-10-15
* Add auto-detection of sha1sum/shasum to 002-test-key-name.testDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Add gitlab pipeline badge to readmeDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Change shasum to sha1sum to remove perl depDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Add gitlab CI fileDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Fix missing declaration in unit_label.cDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Clarify documentation for make_unit_whatsitDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Document make_unit_whatsit with more comment than codeDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Move unit_label struct into header fileDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Apply auto-ranging units to current hash ratesDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Refactor human-friendly unit algorithmsDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Fix overflow on slow/large runs, add new unit prefix for yearDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Correct broken test caseDavid Phillips2018-05-27
* Add -A to help textDavid Phillips2018-05-27
* Carry bump into test outputDavid Phillips2018-05-17
* Correct strncpy boundDavid Phillips2018-05-16
* Bump version to match tag1.1David Phillips2018-05-16
* Remove need to clearDavid Phillips2018-05-16
* Add command line option for disabling ANSI escDavid Phillips2018-05-16
* Add compile-time flag to disable coloured outputDavid Phillips2018-05-16
* Fix bench table alignment1.0David Phillips2018-02-20
* Add new CPU benchmarksDavid Phillips2018-02-20
* Fix typo in benchmarkDavid Phillips2018-01-14
* Make tested platforms a little clearer over othersDavid Phillips2017-12-11
* Don't require GNU extensions for va argsfancy-monitorDavid Phillips2017-12-11
* Add screenshot to readmeDavid Phillips2017-12-10
* Explicitly include time.h ourselvesDavid Phillips2017-11-27
* Fix off-by-one with >999 EH totalsDavid Phillips2017-11-27
* Clear status line properly, show "overdue" instead of negative time remainingDavid Phillips2017-11-27
* Fall back on CLOCK_REALTIME at compile-time with warnDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* Merge branch 'master' into fancy-monitorDavid Phillips2017-11-23
| * Remove old debug commentDavid Phillips2017-11-23
| * Fix failing testsDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Add years to estimate unitsDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Correct abs to labsDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Add time estimatorDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Quick hack to protect against shortening numbersDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Merge branch 'master' into fancy-monitorDavid Phillips2017-11-23
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