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* Display usage on invalid optDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Improve help textDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Honour original terminal colourDavid Phillips2019-03-11
* Apply auto-ranging units to current hash ratesDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Refactor human-friendly unit algorithmsDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Fix overflow on slow/large runs, add new unit prefix for yearDavid Phillips2018-06-18
* Add -A to help textDavid Phillips2018-05-27
* Correct strncpy boundDavid Phillips2018-05-16
* Bump version to match tag1.1David Phillips2018-05-16
* Add command line option for disabling ANSI escDavid Phillips2018-05-16
* Don't require GNU extensions for va argsfancy-monitorDavid Phillips2017-12-11
* Explicitly include time.h ourselvesDavid Phillips2017-11-27
* Fix off-by-one with >999 EH totalsDavid Phillips2017-11-27
* Clear status line properly, show "overdue" instead of negative time remainingDavid Phillips2017-11-27
* Fall back on CLOCK_REALTIME at compile-time with warnDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* Merge branch 'master' into fancy-monitorDavid Phillips2017-11-23
| * Remove old debug commentDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Add years to estimate unitsDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Correct abs to labsDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Add time estimatorDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Quick hack to protect against shortening numbersDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Merge branch 'master' into fancy-monitorDavid Phillips2017-11-23
|\ \ | |/
| * Un-bold at the start of each nice lineDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* | Add timestamp and total hash to monitorDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* Add more verbose/useful info messagesDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* Format output with gorgeous coloursDavid Phillips2017-11-23
* Simplify semaphores to volatile globalsem-depDavid Phillips2017-11-18
* Switch to in-house byte-order switchingDavid Phillips2017-11-18
* Tidy unnecessary magic constants awayDavid Phillips2017-09-20
* Fix accidental regression with never-zero loop countDavid Phillips2017-09-14
* Free bignum_e at exit, don't leak that memoryDavid Phillips2017-09-12
* Thread count can never be zero, don't worry about /0 from itDavid Phillips2017-08-09
* Remove division by zero if no loops completeDavid Phillips2017-08-09
* Don't trample worker thread output with performance stringDavid Phillips2017-06-27
* Correct old outdated error messageDavid Phillips2017-06-27
* Change char array to unsigned to avoid (pedantic) overflowDavid Phillips2017-06-26
* Remove debug spin haltDavid Phillips2017-05-29
* Free alloced objects, move volatile to start of declDavid Phillips2017-05-29
* Remove bitmask and raw_len computation out of tight loopDavid Phillips2017-05-29
* Openssl-1.0 compatDavid Phillips2017-05-28
* Tidy the raw_len switch slightlyDavid Phillips2017-05-28
* Revert "Change raw_len from hard-coded to equation"David Phillips2017-05-28
* Change raw_len from hard-coded to equationDavid Phillips2017-05-28
* Make bitmask array staticDavid Phillips2017-05-28
* Remove the need for base32 in the inner loopDavid Phillips2017-05-28
* Merge branch 'ssse3-default'David Phillips2017-05-23
| * Make SSSE3 algorithm the defaultDavid Phillips2017-05-23
* | Fix bug in check_base32 when first character was invalidDavid Phillips2017-05-23
* Remove old debug printfDavid Phillips2017-05-21
* Add sanity check to back up SSSE3 algorithmDavid Phillips2017-05-21